Wrong Data on AAPL, new prices and strikes for Bullish Butterfly

I apologize, used wrong price information on AAPL. Was looking at AAPL in our back testing software and had the wrong date. What to do today. AAPL is backing off again today and sits around the $126 level. Shock? No, the stock is still up 15% over the first 4 months of the year! I still like the stock and am comfortable in this 124-126 area establishing a slightly bullish limited risk strategy like an Bullish Call Butterfly. Focusing on the calls in the May 29 expiration series. I’m considering this Bullish Call Butterfly. Buy one 126 strike, Sell two 128 strike, Buy one 130 strike. Total debit is $20. If I do the trade 1-2-1, total debit or cost or risk is $20. If I do the trade 10-20-10, the total debit, cost, or risk is $200.

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