What about Janet’s comments on the Market?

The comments Janet made on the market should have been consistent with and not disturbing to anyone following the market. The SPX Monday hit a high of $2120, near all time highs,  and proceeded Tuesday and Wednesday to drop about 40 points to the $2180 level. Today the SPX is about about 10 points higher at the current $2090 level. If I asked any of you Monday if you had thought about lightening up some of your long positions or taking some prophets on some of your stocks, most of you would have said yes. Did Janet really say anything different than you were thinking? Of course not. Financial Journalists always have a precise reason the market has increased or decreased for a particular day, most of it baloney. The market probably went down this week because people were taking a few profits because we were at pretty high levels in the market, period!

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