TWTR Perspective

TWTR is currently at $39.40, down from 53 level about 3 weeks ago. Low in the stock the last 6 months is around $35, this level was reached in early December. That’s a 26% drop from the $53 level! I am looking at a cheap play for a slight up move. Looking at May 29 expiration Calls, about 30 days from expiration. Buy one  40 call  Sell two 42 strike calls  and Buy one 44 strike call. Total Debit or cost of $25 per spread. If I do the trade 1-2-1, the cost is $25. If I do the spread in a quantity of 10-20-10, the total cost would be $250. This is a bullish butterfly and costs me very little to speculate on a neutral to slightly up move in TWTR over next 2-3 weeks. Most I would pay for this Butterfly today would be about $30.