Excited About My Portfolio

I have experimented with several different strategies like iron butterflies and calendars but I have found out that I work best with a low-prob delta-neutral condor foundation trade and use butterflies and spreads to manage risk. I no longer lose sleep and do the Dorothy “I hope, I hope” dance when the market makes a huge move against me. After backtesting and paper trading for a long time, I am consistently making 5-10% per winning trade and am breaking even/having small losses very infrequently. I utilize the strategies I learned in your Low Probability class. I am going to be able to pay my upcoming property tax bill with just my capital gains from your option classes and it’s also enabling me to save up for my upcoming wedding. At age 34, I’m getting really excited at what my portfolio value will look in a few years after compounding returns. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us.