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From the late 80’s to 2004, I was privileged to work with Mercury Trading at the CBOE, led by Jon Najarian. In later years, his brother Pete joined and helped lead the troops. Both Pete and Jon were contributors for many years on CNBC’s Fast Money. Our Traders had a unique Team Approach where we were invested financially in how the other Traders performed. The infamous “Morning Meeting” every day pitted the 5-8 Traders we had around a table where each trader would go over his plan for the day and everyone else would encourage, give feedback, and hold each other accountable for the Plan that was agreed upon. Sheridan Mentoring was established with many of the principles from the “Morning Meeting” and how we train our Students. I was one of the Traders with Mercury Trading that was involved with training the Traders. I was personally involved with helping train Pete Najarian when he left Pro Football to work with his brother.

From 2004, Sheridan Mentoring has mostly taught 1-on-1 Mentoring, and Live Monthly Trading Classes. We still teach 1-on-1 Mentoring, and it still is a benefit to Folks.

This new Team Mentoring Program we are launching, brings in most of the team principles from the “Morning Meeting” along with everything I and my fellow Mentors have learned from Mentoring Retail students for 19 Years. For a large percentage of the Retail Public, this should be more effective than purely 1 on 1 sessions. This approach fosters greater layers of Accountability, exchanging ideas, and good friendship among like Minded Traders. I will personally chat with every student and personally match them in teams with similar experience and Goals. 

Team Mentoring Specifics:

4 Member Teams (Dan will form the Teams after talking with students)

12 Weekly Mentoring Sessions with Dan: Involving Live Trades, Teaching, and a Live Team Trading Plan to Implement. 

Daily Online interaction with your team

4 Months of access to Sheridan Products: Live Monthly Classes, On-Demand Deep Dive Courses, Trading Groups (3 sessions hosted weekly by Dan, Mark, and Jay), Opening Bell (Pre-Market Planning Session), Traders Lounge (Daily Market and Strategy Search for Best Trade that Day). Weekly Traders Help Desk. All Classes are recorded and Archived. (4-Months of Access)

We have Filled our First Round of Team Mentoring. Email to see when the next round starts!

Looking forward to helping many become a better Craftsmen!

Dan Sheridan


Have Questions? You can email Dan Directly with any questions at

Or, Call us at 800-288-9341 or jump into the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Program FAQ’s: 

  • Team Mentoring: Whats involved with Sheridan’s 4-Person Mentoring?

    Dan will meet with you and your team weekly to foster consistency. Sessions involve Dan teaching you and guiding you through a custom trading plan. We focus on implementation of Live Trades tailored to your specific trading goals. Our Mentoring Sessions are designed to help you move toward being able to do this yourself. Every session has a teaching element and plenty of time to go over and help you with your live trades.

    Between sessions, the Mentor and student are interacting via e-mail. You will also be able to meet daily with your 3 other team members via Skype.  You will meet in an Zoom Meeting room privately with your mentor for an hour. We record the audio and screen sharing from your session so you can go back and re-watch your mentoring sessions for maximum retention!

  • What Can I expect from the daily community teaching sessions?

    Broadcast LIVE Mon-Fri, during market hours: Opening Bell: pre-market outlook & a look at possible trades for the current environment. Traders Lounge:These LIVE Mentor-led sessions look at speculative and income trading opportunities based on the current market conditions. These sessions will provide a good balance of teaching the concepts and strategies and also focusing on live trading opportunities. Trading Groups:Members and mentors discuss the current market and go over their current trades. These sessions are also recorded and archived for you to stream at your convenience.

  • What Can I expect from the Current Online Class?

    Each month we teach a new 4-week Plan to Make $3K on $25K class (Tue & Thur at 1pm CT) & a “New Short Term Trading (O-DTE)” Course (Mon & Wed at 11am CT) LIVE.  The focus will be on a particular strategy, risk management technique, or portfolio topic, depending on the current market conditions. Our goal is to practically teach you how and when to put on a particular trade, and most important, how to manage the trade once it’s on. These sessions are also recorded and archived for you to stream at your convenience.

  • Help and Support

    Email, Chat and phone support is available for any of your tech questions. You can always reach Johnny at or by calling us at 800-288-9341 or by jumping in our live Chat with tech questions. During your Mentoring, You will be able to interact with Dan and your group members directly between your mentoring sessions as well!

  • Do i get the On-Demand Content to Stream on my time?

    Yes, You will receive a dynamic  lineup of On-Demand Deep Dive Content to to stream during your access. The Mentors Dan, Mark and Jay have added over 20 Deep Dive courses over the last year. You can review this archived content as much as you like during your 4-Month access. 

  • What Can I expect from the Trading Groups?
    Broadcast LIVE members and mentors discuss the current market and go over their current trades. These sessions are different from our normally daily teaching in that, like the Mentoring sessions, we use zoom Meetings instead of Webinars. This gives each user the automatic ability to join in on the call and share their screens. This session is a more intimate sessions that has been a huge benefit our members. Of course we also recorded and archived these you to stream at your convenience.