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Program FAQ’s: Questions? Call 800-288-9341 or chat live with us now in the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • What Can I expect from Opening Bell?

    Broadcast LIVE Mon-Fri, 8:00am CT – 8:30am CT, pre-market outlook & a look at possible trades for the current environment. These sessions are also recorded and archived for you to stream at your convenience.  

  • What Can I expect from Trading Lounge?

    These LIVE Mentor-led sessions look at speculative and income trading opportunities based on the current market conditions. These sessions will provide a good balance of teaching the concepts and strategies and also focusing on live trading opportunities. As always, risk management for each trade with Dan’s unique 4 step risk management plan will be discussed. These sessions are also recorded and archived for you to stream at your convenience.  

  • What Can I expect from Help Desk?

    Mentor-led every Tuesday at Noon Central Time.  Mark Opens a Zoom room specifically to address any questions you have on your trades. This is like a group Mentoring session with students sharing and learning together. Come prepared with trading questions!

  • What Can I expect from the Current Online Class?

    Each month we teach a new 3 week class LIVE. Class meets on Tue & Thur at 1pm CT, the focus will be on a particular strategy, risk management technique, or portfolio topic, depending on the current market conditions. Our goal is to practically teach you how and when to put on a particular trade, and most important, how to manage the trade once it’s on. These sessions are also recorded and archived for you to stream at your convenience.  

  • What can I expect from Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring?

    Sessions involve Dan or one of his Mentors teaching you and guiding you through a custom trading plan. We focus on implementation of Live Trades tailored to your specific trading goals. Our Mentoring Sessions are designed to help you move toward being able to do this yourself. Every session has a teaching element and plenty of time to go over and help you with your live trades. Between sessions, the Mentor and student are interacting via e-mail.  You will meet in an online conference room privately with your mentor for an hour. We record the audio and screen sharing from your session so you can go back and re-watch your mentoring sessions for maximum retention! We encourage our students to meet each week with their Mentor for maximum retention and trading consistency!

  • What Can I expect from the Trading Groups?

    Broadcast LIVE members and mentors discuss the current market and go over their current trades. These sessions are different from our normally daily teaching in that we use zoom Meetings instead of Webinars. This gives each user the automatic ability to join in on the call and share their screens. This session is a more intimate sessions that has been a huge benefit our members. Of course we also recorded and archived these you to stream at your convenience.

  • Monthly Recurring Payments?

    Unlike most companies we do not auto charge your Credit Card after the first month. We want to make sure the program you are in is right for you! We will contact you as you near the end of your first month to review your options and to make you are maximizing your education!

  • Help and Support

    Chat, Email and phone support is available for any of your trading or tech questions. You can chat live with us in the bottom right corner of each of our web pages.  You can always reach us at Dan@sheridanmentoring.com, John@sheridanmentoring.com  or by calling us at 800-288-9341. 

  • Do i get all the On-Demand Classes with Ultimate?

    You will if you purchase the Ultimate Package for the year up front. You will receive our current lineup of On-Demand Classes as well as the new classes taught over the next year.

  • NEW "Options Fundamentals" Page Added

    Your access now also includes access to our “Options Fundamentals” Page. View videos from Dan and Mark going over individual income strategies, The Greeks, and even how we setup/use Think or Swim and many more.

__Here is what folks just like you have to say about our education.__

I want to thank Dan and Mark for the year long of coaching through a very tough year. Of all the mentors for investing I have had, Dan and Mark are the most patient and nurturing. I am touched by what they are doing, helping people get a stable income through options trading. I am grateful for what they have taught me this year. I have gained so much more knowledge and understanding on the various options strategies and how to execute them. If any of my friends want to learn more about options trading, I will recommend them Sheridan. There is no better mentoring school than this!

Thank you very much for your inspiration, wonderful perspective and great teaching over the past two months that I’ve been in your education- and for opening the world of income trading to me.I had previously gotten some education in only directional, speculative options trading. I’m finding that I absolutely love the approach and teaching of Sheridan options mentoring and feel very comfortable about developing this style for myself to use. Thanks so much, for sharing all of your insight and giving so much help to your students!

I am a regular viewer of Sheridan TV and have bought classes in the past.  I am now seeing a big difference being in the daily Live education. I thought I could get by with the brief episodes and a class here and there. But getting the feel for the pulse of the market and trading styles every day has been a huge eye opener. It has made me more focused on what works rather than trying different trades myself and figuring it out. Thanks so much for all you do, keep up the great work!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for what you do for retail traders specifically my self.  I visit a lot of option trading websites and blogs and much of what is out there is garbage.  Every opportunity I get I recommend Sheridan Mentoring.  Oh and my returns this year have been fantastic.  The 9 day calendar so far is 10 – 0 and already returned well over 100%.  This is a tribute to you and the Sheridan Mentoring program.  Thanks again guys!!

This has been the best money that I have spent in my market education. Dan has moved me to higher levels than anyone in my educational past. Today I wish I’d had Dan four years earlier. I would have spent a lot less on educational costs and my trading accounts would be larger from being a profitable trader for a longer time period. The earlier you start with Dan the better your chances to being profitable sooner.

I just want to say that Dan is a great individual who cares about educating his students and our success as traders in the market place. More importantly he takes a genuine interest in our learning the craft and not just making money. Many of us allow ourselves to be misguided by wanting to make a quick buck, which is the opposite of what he is trying to instill in us as students. Dan’s philosophy is about learning the craft and becoming an expert, or master of our platform and trading techniques while being able to adapt to various market conditions.Simply, Dan is a fantastic mentor and educator that you can’t put a price on. We need more people in the world such as Dan who really care.

It’s amazing how a person starts to get a feel for the Weekly Calendar trade after doing it over and over. After hours and hours of back testing this particular strategy, I can see how someone can really begin to get an extra sense for trading them. I guess, at the end of the day, all of the rules and guidelines are just there to keep a trader in the game, until they develop an intuition for it. While I was backtesting, I would get so hung up on particular dates . Regardless of how I adjusted, nothing seemed to get me out of those particular Calendar trades alive. I got so hung up on those two trades, I must have spent all day trying to make them either turn a profit or not destroy me. I finally came to the realization that there is no cookie cutter way to trade Weekly Calendars. I am very grateful for Dan’s patient and thorough teaching!

I have been a student for six years. As in any learning experience you benefit in direct proportion to the effort put into the process. Sheridan Mentoring makes is easy to access not only current option trading strategies and thinking but also the historical. Referencing the enormous library of previously recorded webinars has enabled me to enhance my understanding of option trading and how this trading can be integrated into my total program of investing. The time I have spent participating in the online experience and studying the library of recording has simply made me a better investor and I would recommend the Sheridan experience to anyone interested in their financial future.

I say to my friends, “Dan is like the Tony Robbins of options trading education. He makes you ‘get it’ and have fun while you’re learning it… and best of all, you really will KNOW how to do this.” His joy for what he does really comes through on all levels.

Dan has helped me immeasurably, both in the big concepts and the nitty gritty. His program just keeps getting better and better each month and I think it’s because he and his associates really care about your success and they’re not just mouthing platitudes. There’s nothing better out there so if you’ve found Dan Sheridan’s Mentoring Program for options you can stop looking and join up.

With all the garbage out there in the options/ or trading market, I can honestly say that Dan and his staff are for real. I would suggest that you throw away all the option books on your shelf and just take Dan’s class. It will be one of the best financial decisions you will ever make.

I don’t think i would have been able to retire at 62 nor live the life that i have, if I hadn’t come across you guys! Thankful for you and your teaching!