Profit on AAPL Butterfly today and new trade

May 14 Blog featured a live Butterfly trade in AAPL I put on for around .49 debit and took off today for $2 credit. Did the trade 9-18-9 and made $150 times 9 butterflies or around $1300 on an investment of around $450.

Do I normally leave a trade like this on all the way to expiration? Not usually. This particular trade , I was comfortable with the 125-133 range AAPL has been in.

As long as AAPL didn’t break through 133 or under 125, I was going to try and milk the cow. I was on vacation last 3 weeks and left the trade on, not the norm for me, but it worked great.

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New Live Trade: May 14, AAPL was around $128 and I put on the $128 Butterfly at-the-money because I felt AAPL was in the middle of the range. Today AAPL is at 127.56  -1$  for the day.

The last 3 weeks AAPL has traded between 127.4 and 132.57. I am doing a live butterfly 9-18-9 in the July 2 expiration in the calls. I am buying the 126 strike 9 times , selling the 129 strike 18 times and buying the 132 strike 9 times.

Total debit of .67 and I’m doing it 9 times, so 9 times $66 or $603 excluding commissions. I get $1 per contract with no ticket charge.

I am doing this slightly bullish, looking for a little pop in AAPL up towards $129 over the next 2 weeks. I just did the trade live at 2:47 central time for .67 debit  9-18-9. Will monitor this and follow up on this trade in a future blog.

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  1. Anurav
    Anurav says:

    Hi Dan. Waiting for an update on this trade. I have not closed my positions yet. Thought would follow the blog for further directions..


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