Your site is the best!
“Just wanted to say a big thank you to you guys for what you do for retail traders specifically my self.  I visit a lot of option trading websites and blogs and much of what is out there is garbage.  Every opportunity I get I recommend Sheridan Mentoring.  Oh and my returns this year have been fantastic.  The 9 day calendar so far is 10 – 0 and already returned well over 100%.  This is a tribute to you and the Sheridan Mentoring program.  Thanks again guys!!”
I want to express my appreciation!
“Your training classes have made an incredible difference in my trading results! I started doing high probability credit spreads back in 2009.  My goal was to maximize profit which meant I was usually in the trade until expiration.  This approach works great until things go bad and then it can wipe out all of your profits for the year and more. Last year I caught one of Dan’s webinars at Optionshouse where he talked about treating trading like a business and setting realistic entries and exits that give you good risk / reward but minimize your time in the trade.  This was a revelation for me.  I have truly enjoyed all of the the classes I have taken from you guys and I’m excited to say that last year was my best year ever and this year is on track to top that!”
Best Year Ever!
“I just wanted to write to say thanks for all the advice during my mentoring and afterwards. This year was my best year ever. I still have a lot of work to do as I only made 16%. I didn’t manage the early part of the year very well, but I stuck to the plan and fought my way back. My first year after mentoring was my worst as I was doing a lot of trading jujitsu, constantly changing my strategy. I tried to trade like a 5th grader in 2014: put on a butterfly (Mango) when the vols were high and put on a double diagonal when the vols were low. Stuck with RUT and SPX. I really like those two trades, especially with the little tweaks I am adding after backtesting 2014 again. I feel confident to increase my size a little now and will be adding a couple no touch trades. Thanks again for all you do. This stuff makes grad school a lot more interesting (and its already pretty interesting)…”
Best Buy of My Life
“I learned more about PROFITABLE option trading in the first three weeks of the program than I expected to learn in the first six months. Between Dan’s easy going live Web-ex’s, and his 22 years of experience on the floor of the CBOE, the knowledge he is imparting is priceless. This has got to be the best buy of my life.  ”
Trading Artistry
“Learning from Dan, as well as all of the teachers at Sheridan Mentoring, has completely changed my life. I can finally see the artistry regarding manipulating these option positions. Dan has helped me understand that each person’s trading style can be as unique as their fingerprints and risk management is everything.”
Practical Trading Experience
“It’s amazing how a person starts to get a feel for the Weekly Calendar trade after doing it over and over. After hours and hours of back testing this particular strategy, I can see how someone can really begin to get an extra sense for trading them. I guess, at the end of the day, all of the rules and guidelines are just there to keep a trader in the game, until they develop an intuition for it. While I was backtesting in the ONE software, I got so hung up on a few particular dates (5/7/14 and 5/14/14). Regardless of how I adjusted, nothing seemed to get me out of those particular Calendar trades alive. I got so hung up on those two trades, I must have spent all day trying to make them either turn a profit or not destroy me. I finally came to the realization that there is no cookie cutter way to trade Weekly Calendars. It occurred to me that cutting Deltas or adding Calendars does not always equal a profitable trade. Sometimes, no move is the best move, and it’s the experience that let’s you know…I feel like we can study and memorize rules... Read More
Excited About My Portfolio
“I have experimented with several different strategies like iron butterflies and calendars but I have found out that I work best with a low-prob delta-neutral condor foundation trade and use butterflies and spreads to manage risk. I no longer lose sleep and do the Dorothy “I hope, I hope” dance when the market makes a huge move against me. After backtesting and paper trading for a long time, I am consistently making 5-10% per winning trade and am breaking even/having small losses very infrequently. I utilize the strategies I learned in your Low Probability class. I am going to be able to pay my upcoming property tax bill with just my capital gains from your option classes and it’s also enabling me to save up for my upcoming wedding. At age 34, I’m getting really excited at what my portfolio value will look in a few years after compounding returns. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us.”
Great Return on Investment
“Out of all the training programs that I have purchased to learn how to trade (about a dozen), I can say that Dan Sheridan’s mentoring has been the only program in which I got a great return on my investment. Dan Sheridan delivered more than I expected. Not only do you learn from a Master with over 20 years actual trading expertise, but you join a community of hundreds of active traders that support each other, and share their experiences of real trading in today’s fluid markets. This program is all that it is advertised to be, and much more!”
Excellent Teaching
“I joined Sheridan mentoring less than a year ago. Classes and 1-to-1 mentoring has been wonderful. I already have made way more than I paid for the full mentoring sessions. Teaching has been excellent. I do recommend it without any hesitation.”
Better Investor
“I have been a student for six years. As in any learning experience you benefit in direct proportion to the effort put into the process. Sheridan Mentoring makes is easy to access not only current option trading strategies and thinking but also the historical. Referencing the enormous library of previously recorded webinars has enabled me to enhance my understanding of option trading and how this trading can be integrated into my total program of investing. The time I have spent participating in the online experience and studying the library of recording has simply made me a better investor and I would recommend the Sheridan experience to anyone interested in their financial future.”
Education Paying Off
“I am going to be able to pay my upcoming property tax bill with just my capital gains from your option classes and it’s also enabling me to save up for my upcoming wedding.”
Get it and Have Fun!
“I say to my friends, “Dan is like the Tony Robbins of options trading education. He makes you ‘get it’ and have fun while you’re learning it… and best of all, you really will KNOW how to do this.” His joy for what he does really comes through on all levels.”
Best Decision
“I decided to spend the money and take the Dan Sheridan Mentoring Program. This was the best decision I’ve ever made besides marrying my wife. My perception of Dan is that he does not only teach you the skills in trading but also truly cares about you as a person. I know that I made a new friend in Dan and plan on making my Options Trading a real business with Dan’s guidance.”
Learning the Craft
“I just want to say that Dan is a great individual who cares about educating his students and our success as traders in the market place. More importantly he takes a genuine interest in our learning the craft and not just making money. Many of us allow ourselves to be misguided by wanting to make a quick buck, which is the opposite of what he is trying to instill in us as students. Dan’s philosophy is about learning the craft and becoming an expert, or master of our platform and trading techniques while being able to adapt to various market conditions.Simply, Dan is a fantastic mentor and educator that you can’t put a price on. We need more people in the world such as Dan who really care.”
Dan Truly Cares
“Dan’s Mentoring Program is the absolute best mentoring program I have ever seen. Dan teaches you a way of trading options that really works, and what make the program so great is that Dan truly cares about his students succeeding. The program is extremely well put together and provides all the tools a student needs to learn to trade successfully. Dan is all about the students and making them successful traders….he’s never about selling the student another this or that. Dan is one of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet and what he teaches you about trading options is beyond fantastic.”
Just Keeps Getting Better
“Dan has helped me immeasurably, both in the big concepts and the nitty gritty. His program just keeps getting better and better each month and I think it’s because he and his associates really care about your success and they’re not just mouthing platitudes. There’s nothing better out there so if you’ve found Dan Sheridan’s Mentoring Program for options you can stop looking and join up.”
Best Financial Decision
“With all the garbage out there in the options/ or trading market, I can honestly say that Dan and his staff are for real. I would suggest that you throw away all the option books on your shelf and just take Dan’s class. It will be one of the best financial decisions you will ever make.”
Higher Levels
“This has been the best money that I have spent in my market education. Dan has moved me to higher levels than anyone in my educational past. Today I wish I’d had Dan four years earlier. I would have spent a lot less on educational costs and my trading accounts would be larger from being a profitable trader for a longer time period. The earlier you start with Dan the better your chances to being profitable sooner.”
A Whole New Level
“Even though I am in the financial services industry, and have been trading options for many years, training with Dan has taken my options knowledge and capabilities to a whole new level. The investing approach, along with the mentoring program, is absolutely the best I know of.”
Genuine Desire for Success
“Dan teaches you how to trade; not just the mechanic of how options work. I can honestly say Sheridan Options Mentoring is the best value in option education today. I’ve learned more about how to successfully trade from Dan than I thought I would; I was surprised at what I didn’t know. Dan has a genuine desire for his students to be successful. I know from personal experience that dan’s long term commitment to his students’ success is invaluable. Anytime I’ve called Dan for help he was there and more than willing to help. Even though I have never met Dan, I think of him as a friend, not just a mentor.”