Options Mentoring

So much more than just theories . . .

Learn to be a truly independent Option Trader!

See why Sheridan Options Mentoring is second-to-none in training traders who know how to actually trade!

For 15 years, Dan and his Mentors have trained multitudes of students, many who have become seasoned craftsmen and consistent Option Traders. Become consistent and profitable in your Options Trading by working with Dan, his Mentors, and our very experienced Community. Our focus and Goal through our 1-on-1 Mentoring with you, and weekly Trading Sessions, is to transform you into a confident and consistent Options Trader. Instead of you doing the trades yourself and figuring out everything yourself, we are doing the live trades with you side-by-side in Mentoring sessions and Community sessions to give you practice and expertise. Doing 30 live Butterflies, Calendars, or Iron Condors on your own will probably yield much different results than doing 30 Butterflies, Calendars, or Iron Condors with us! You can make a lot more progress getting live trades under you belt with this “Fast-Track” approach. Come work with us as we navigate into 2021 together and help you get consistent and profitable with your Options Trading!!!  ~ Dan Sheridan

Have Questions? Call us at 800-288-9341 or jump into the live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen or you can email us at info@Sheridanmentoring.com

Program FAQ’s: 

  • 1-on-1 Session: Whats involved with Sheridan’s 1-on-1 Mentoring?

    We encourage our students to meet every week with their mentor of choice to foster consistency. Sessions involve Dan, Mark or Jay teaching you and guiding you through a custom trading plan. We focus on implementation of Live Trades tailored to your specific trading goals. Our Mentoring Sessions are designed to help you move toward being able to do this yourself. Every session has a teaching element and plenty of time to go over and help you with your live trades. Between sessions, the Mentor and student are interacting via e-mail.  You will meet in an online conference room privately with your mentor for an hour. We record the audio and screen sharing from your session so you can go back and re-watch your mentoring sessions for maximum retention!

  • What Can I expect from the daily community teaching sessions?

    Broadcast LIVE Mon-Fri, during market hours: Opening Bell: pre-market outlook & a look at possible trades for the current environment. Traders Lounge:These LIVE Mentor-led sessions look at speculative and income trading opportunities based on the current market conditions. These sessions will provide a good balance of teaching the concepts and strategies and also focusing on live trading opportunities. Trading Groups:Members and mentors discuss the current market and go over their current trades. These sessions are also recorded and archived for you to stream at your convenience.

  • What Can I expect from the Current Online Class?

    Each month we teach a new 3 week class LIVE. Class meets on Tue & Thur at 1pm CT, the focus will be on a particular strategy, risk management technique, or portfolio topic, depending on the current market conditions. Our goal is to practically teach you how and when to put on a particular trade, and most important, how to manage the trade once it’s on. These sessions are also recorded and archived for you to stream at your convenience.

  • Help and Support

    Email and phone support is available for any of your tech questions. You can always reach us at support@sheridanmentoring.com or by calling us at 800-288-9341 or by jumping in our live Chat with teach questions. You will be able to email your mentor directly between your mentoring sessions as well!

  • Do i get all the On-Demand Classes?

    Yes, You will receive our current lineup of 2020 On-Demand Classes to stream during your access.