Options Mentoring

So much more than just theories . . .

Learn to trade with a personal mentor who will teach you while also guiding your own live trading.

See why Sheridan Options Mentoring is second-to-none in training traders who know how to actually trade!

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  • Pre-Mentoring Foundational Classes

    A little rusty?  These on-demand classes will get you up to speed on Dan’s rules and methodology before you start mentoring.

  • Personal One-on-One Mentoring

    Trade your own live trades with a mentor at your side. Create an individually tailored trading plan. Our plans involve a mix of the best methodologies, vehicles, and risk management tested and proven by hundreds of successful students who have come before you. You will also have access to our mentors between your sessions for help and support.

  • On-line Classes

    As a Gold Mentoring student, you have access to current strategy and portfolio classes taught by Dan and his team.  You also have access to SOM’s many previously recorded on-line classes as well as any new class sold over the next year.

  • Reduced Broker Fees Exclusive to Sheridan Students

    Are you paying more than $1 per contract on your trades as well as a ticket charge? If so, we can help you change that!  Call 800-288-9341 or email info@sheridanmentoring.com 

  • Online Trading Manual

    An exclusive reference framework of Dan’s rules for income strategies and options terminology. Follow Sheridan’s proprietary written guidelines for the various trading strategies that have been honed by Dan, his mentors, and students for over 9 years in the community and 21 years in the pits.

  • Live & Current Broadcast Content every Week

    You get exclusive access to other students’ one-on-one sessions, weekly recurring specialty classes, and interviews with veteran students and special guest speakers. Each session is recorded and archived so you can listen on your own schedule. We broadcast 25-40 hrs each week of live content.

  • Trading Groups & Help Desks

    We feel that the hardest part of trading is doing it alone. Join our mentors and fellow students each week as we review current market trades and answer your questions about your live trades!

  • Help and Support

    Email and phone support is available for any of your trading or tech questions.

  • Maintain your Community access every year

    For only $300 per year, you continue to access all the great above content exclusively maintained for our community members.

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