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In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages 8 of the must successful Iron Condor Methodologies from within his Community. 

This class is a collection of video recordings from the actual live class that was previously offered. Upon purchase, an email will be sent containing login credentials needed to access the archived class page. Purchasing access to a class gives access to all class recordings as well as trade updates, PDF’s, and PowerPoints. Any questions? Email us at

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Detailed Class Content

Class #1: Short Strangle Alternative in SPX with Dan

00:1- Introduction of the class and the class page
00:4- Short Strangle explanation and discussion of Karen the Super Trader and how she trades strangles, I explain the strategy in detail.
24:45- Case study going over 3-4 examples of this strategy.
56:40- Example of this strategy during the August Correction.
1:12- Final Comments and Q and A
1:21- End

Class #2: Conventional 43 Day Iron Condor with Adjustments with Dan 

1- Intro
2:05- Class Page
4:30- Couple notes and quick review about Class #1 where I discussed and alternative strategy to a Naked Strangle.
15:15- Conventional 43 Day Iron Condor in SPX- Explaining the strategy ad guidelines
51:20- 2 examples of this strategy where I had to make an upside adjustment
1:17- Example of this strategy during the August correction. In this example, we show you how to adjust the downside.
1:37- End

Class #3: Equidistant Iron Condor and also 10 Day Iron Condor with Insurance with Dan 

1- Intro and presentation slides for today’s Iron Condor Methodologies
4:06- Which Iron Condor is best for me?
11:18- Equidistant Iron Condor (Print slides from Class Page to follow along)
59:30- Shorty SPX Iron Condors with Insurance (Print slides from Class Page to follow along)
1:28:50- Portillo’s Trading Challenge from Dan
1:34 – End

Class #4: Asymmetrical Condors with Jay Bailey

2:00– Begin Powerpoint Slides
2:30– Agenda
4:00– Good and bad points of a Traditional Condor
11:00– Concepts of the Asymmetrical Condor
16:00– Setup of the Asymmetrical
21:00– Hedging the downside with a put debit spread
26:00– Trade Guidelines
31:00– Upside Adjustments
35:20– Downside Adjustments
36:30– Real Example Trade
44:00– Lower Margin Version (Low Prob)
45:45– Example Low Prob
60:00– End

Class #5: Low Probability Iron Condor with Mark Fenton

0:00- Introduction
2:00- Begin power point presentation, Why trade an iron condor?
7:30- What is a low prob condor?
13:00- When do I use a low prob condor
17:00- 1 adjustment low prob condor set up and plan
27:30- First example trade
34:00- Second example trade
37:30- Third example trade
42:00- Fourth example trade
58:00- Q&A
67:10- End

Class #6: Put Credit Spread in RUT with a Specific Risk Management Plan

1- Intro and outline for today’s class
1:2- 30 Day RUT Put credit spread
2:45- Two reasons I am talking about a Put Credit Spread in RUT during an Iron Condor Class?
6:00- Question to students: What type of day are you looking for to enter put credit spreads?
6:30- My guidelines for this trade?
10:30 – Description of the 2 Risk Management methodologies I did on RUT put credit spreads?
11:42- #1 Risk Management Methodology and Plan for Put Credit Spreads with no adjustments.
19:10 – #2 Risk Management Methodology and Plan for Put Credit Spreads, rolling the put side when
RUT moves against us. (Dan goes over multiple examples of this methodology.)
Just over 1hour – END

Class #7: SPX Weekly Iron Condor with Dan

6:30- Analysis of increased Implied Volatility into Fed Announcement
6:30- Weekly SPX Iron Condor Guidelines and summary of Case Study
29:20- Multiple examples of this strategy
50:34- END

Class #8: Recap with Dan

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