Class Details

Class Format

This class met live twice a week for four weeks. 

This class consists of 9, 1 hour long sessions.

  • You are welcome to email questions directly to Dan or another mentor outside of the class time.
  • You will have full access to each recording for at least 6 months. Each session will be recorded and archived.
  • All fees for online classes are deductible towards our GOLD Mentoring Program ($1000 limit)

~ A plan to make $4K monthly on $20K ~ 

Dan Sheridan shares with you a trading plan to generate $4K each month.

In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages a portfolio to generate $4K each month. He will be Live trading; Butterflies, Iron Condors, Credit Spreads, calendars and Double Diagonals. 

This class is a collection of video recordings from the actual live class that was previously offered. Upon purchase, an email will be sent containing login credentials needed to access the archived class page. Purchasing access to a class gives access to all class recordings as well as trade updates, PDF’s, and PowerPoints. Any questions? Email us at

Detailed Course Content

Orientation Class: Course overview and more beginner concepts to best prepare you for this course!
Class #1 with Dan: Foundation and Single and Double Calendars

0 min- Johnny shares some crucial class information with students and talking about the class page with the students.
3:15- Dan intro Comments about how he will do the Class Trades
4:30- Class Trading Plan Schedule
5:35- Alternative Strategies you can use beside the 3 main Class Trades
6:41- Frequently asked Key Questions and answers you need to know to be successful!
18:45- How to get to trading the full 20K Portfolio: Capital Deployment Schedule
19:48- Class Trading Plan- Keys to Success
20:40- Exceptions when I wouldn’t put on a trade on the assigned day.
21:35- Q and A Any overlapping on strategies? Are you out of every weekly trade in 1 week?
23:34- Why wouldn’t someone use all their capital for short term trades because of the potentially high returns?
Also, story of someone from Dan’s Chicago Seminar who is trading 1 weekly trade, every week, short term butterfly,
and is using all his capital in that trade.
25:25- Teaching: RUT 9 Day Calendar Example and Trade Guidelines and Adjustments
42:20- Teaching: Double Calendar in SPX Example and Trade Guidelines and Adjustments
52:20- Comments and Q and A
64:00- Live RUT Calendar Trade
75:10- Live SPX Double Calendar Trade
End 87:41 (1 Hour 27 Minutes)

Class #2 with Dan: Iron Condor and Butterflies

0- Intro, Comments, Q and A and Today’s Outline
13:30- Live Trade Review: RUT Calendar from previous class
33:00- Live Trade Review: SPX Double Calendar from previous Class
42:00- Live SPX Iron Condor Trade
47:05- Live SPX 15 Day Butterfly Trade
61:00- Teaching: 15 SPX Iron Condor: 5 Wide and Trade Guidelines and Risk Management
75:00- Teaching: SPX 15 Day All Call Butterfly plus Trade Guidelines and Risk Management
End 89:03- 1 Hour and 29 minutes.

Class #3 with Dan: Couch Potato Strategies

0- Johnny and Dan share class changes and new stuff on Class Page
9:05- Review of Live Class Trades and Adjustments
38:20- Live Trade for today: RUT Single Calendar
50:35- Couch Potato Strategies
52:00- Couch Potato Strategy: RUT Put Credit Spread and Guidelines
1:18:15- Couch Potato Strategy: SPX All Put Flat Fly 10 DTE
1:33:35- Couch Potato Strategy: AAPL Cash Secured Put Alternative
End 1 Hr and 45

Class #4 with Dan: 15 Day Double Diagonals in RUT

0- Intro and Today’s Outline
2- Price move perspective in SPX
7:45- Whiteboard Teaching on Price Moves and Standard Deviations in SPX last 9 Days
23:05- RUT Double Diagonal (Iron Condor Alternative) and Risk Management Guidelines
39- Live Trade: 15 Day SPX Butterfly
44:45- Live Trade: RUT Live Calendar
53:55- Review Live Class Trade Double Calendar
61:40- Review Live Class Trade Butterfly
End 64:32

Class #5 with Dan: Different Durations of Trades: 3 Day Butterfly and Calendar

0- Intro and Today’s Outline
3:35- Live Trades Recap first 2 Weeks of Class and review of current live trade
48:00- 3 Day Butterfly
57:00- 3 Day Calendar
1:00:00- Live 3 Day Calendar Trade

Class #6 with Dan: Review of Butterflies

0 min- Intro and Today’s Outline
2:40- Summary of Live Class Trades since the Class Started
7:05- Review of current Double Diagonal Live Trade
21:45- Q and A
25:40- Butterfly Review from Class 2 and Butterfly Guidelines
34:30- SPX Live Butterfly and execution focus.
43:10- Analysis of Live Butterfly I just executed and how to apply Butterfly Guidelines and Adjustments.
53:10- Review of Class Trade Summary Page and yields on individual trades.
57:40- Q and A
72:58- End

 Class #7 With Dan: Long Option Adjustments with Calendars

0 min- Follow Class and Today’s Outline
6:25- Class Q and A
20:35- Review Class Trades Document
28:30- Yield Scenarios Document
37:05- Putting on Live Class Trade
49:40- RUT Single Calendar with Long Option Adjustment
1:04:20- SPX Double Calendar with Long Adjustment
1:13:30- End

Class #8 with Dan: Review

0- Intro and Today’s Outline
4:35- Upcoming Follow Up Class
6:00- Review of SPX during the entire Class
13:00- Live Trades Recap
24:30- Review Live RUT Calendar with Long Put Adjustment
54:50- Q & A: Do you have to do any Adjustments?
55:38- Looking Ahead: How should you trade after the Class?
1:03:10- Live Butterfly Trade