New 4-Week Class: Managing Stock and Option Trades Through the Fiscal Cliff

Dan Sheridan is teaching a new 4-week class:

Managing Stock and Option Trades through the fiscal cliff.

We know congress and the President haven’t solved this crisis yet…just kicked it down the road until the end of Feb 2013. If they can actually come up with a solution to the financial bloodshed and restore confidence to the market that the USG won’t turn into another Greece, the pent up demand will explode the market upwards.

On the other hand, if things are business-as-usual in Washington, nothing meaningful will be accomplished and our situation will continue to deteriorate. This is bearish for the markets..and could be a huge sell off.

Either way, the potential exists for BIG moves in the markets UP or DOWN.

Are you ready for it?

Join Dan in his new 4-week class as he goes over ways to tweak your stock and option trades to protect yourself from these BIG moves.

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