2023 Holiday Mentoring Specials

So much more than just theories . . .

Learn to be a truly independent Option Trader!

See why Sheridan Options Mentoring is second-to-none in training traders who know how to actually trade!

Sheridan Mentoring has been the Pioneer in Options Mentoring, starting in 2004. Dan was in the Trading Pits at the CBOE from 1982-2004, and most of that time was with Jon and Pete Najarian and Mercury Trading. Since 2004, we have been teaching individual Traders, Options Trading and Risk management. We have focused particularly on Range bound trading. Usually once a year, we run a Mentoring Sale. This year we added “Team” Mentoring, which started in September, and is a great complement to individual mentoring. We offer 2 types of mentoring: Two-month Team or Individual Mentoring, starting in January.

Team Mentoring: We will be running 4-8 member Team mentoring Groups starting in January, for 8 Weeks. We will have 3 groups that will meet in January and February. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Groups. You will meet live with Dan or one of his Mentors on Monday or Tuesday and together as a group on Thursday or Friday, depending on student schedules. Outside of your 2 Weekly meetings, you can meet daily on Discord or any other platform and discuss Trades, ideas, Adjustments, etc. The focus will be Live Trades, structured Mentoring Sessions, Risk management and Accountability, as you work on the Craft. You also will get a free trial of a tool we use, so we can all keep up with the Class Trades and help each other. The Special Holiday price of the 2 Month Course will be $2400. In addition to the Team Mentoring, you will also get our 2 Popular Live 4 Week Classes for Two Months. Those classes are our 10% Class and Advanced 10% Class.

Individual Mentoring: Our Flagship Product for 20 Years will go 8 weeks of 1-on-1 sessions, and you also will get the 2 popular live classes each Month as listed above. Individual Mentoring sessions will focus on live trades and include Homework and Accountability between the Mentor and the student. The Cost for 8 Weeks of Individual mentoring and the 2 Live Courses each Month, and free Software for 2 Months, will be $2400.

We are running one course each in the Jan-Feb period for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Team Mentoring. For individual Mentoring Sessions, we will cap it at 20 students to make sure we can properly train and Mentor in the full Sheridan Mentoring Tradition.

Please contact Johnny this week by: Email: John@SheridanMentoring.com

Live chat: In the lower right corner of your screen or by Phone: 1-800-288-9341

And he will answer all your questions and help you get going!

Looking forward to helping many become a better Craftsmen!

Dan Sheridan


Have Questions For Dan? You can email Dan Directly with any questions at  Dan@SheridanMentoring.com