Dan Sheridan is featured in the March 2015 issue of Futures Magazine, Check this out!

Pit Veteran Trader and Educator Dan Sheridan has been featured in the March 2015 issue of Futures Magazine for his work in training retail traders on how to generate weekly income. John Sarkett has written an article talking about how Dan is coaching retail traders on how to effectively manage and trade Weekly Options for consistent income.

Dan Sheridan has seen the Options Business from both the institutional and retail side with 24 years as a Chicago Board Options Exchange market maker and another 10 years as an options mentor for private traders. His approach, however, has remained consistent: To be successful, you must treat options as a business.

Let Dan show you how to properly manage your trades and learn the secrets to generating consistent monthly income.

To learn more about how Dan can personally help you generate consist weekly income, call us today at 800-288-9341 or visit www.sheridanmentoring.com.