On-Demand Annual 2-Day Chicago Seminar

Learn from 12 Expert Options Craftsmen about the trading strategies that they count on every day!


  • HD Recordings of each session, over 15 hrs of recordings!
  • Downloadable copies of presenters materials, over 150 pages of materials!
  • Access to all archived materials for at least 6 months!

 Presenters at our Sep 5th-6th 2019 “Bread & Butter Strategies Chicago Seminar” 

  • Dan Sheridan: A simple plan to trade the Four Cousins Strategies
  • J. J. Kinnihan: Using the ToS Platform in todays Market
  • Kevin Hincks: Trading with the ToS Platform as an advanced trader
  • Tom Sosnoff: Strategy diversification and futures options
  • Brian Overby: Using the Greeks to Choose Straddles and Butterflies
  • Jim Bittman: Reverse Iron Condors & Iron Butterflies
  • Mark Fenton: How to use Volatility for trade entry.
  • Geoff Baylis: Trading While Working Full-Time
  • Dino K: How we became successful and consistent traders!
  • Jeff Richardson: How we became successful and consistent traders!
  • Lane Snell: Confidence to Put on the Next Trade
  • Patt Brush: How to trade Ratio Spreads in a Volatile Market?