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Learn from 12 Expert Options Craftsmen about the trading strategies that they count on every day!


  • HD Recordings of each session, over 15 hrs of recordings!
  • Downloadable copies of presenters materials, over 250 pages of materials!
  • Access to all archived materials for at least 6 months!


Thursday May 31, 2018

  • Dan Sheridan: Founder Sheridan Mentoring ~ “Best Plan today for making $3000-$5000 per month trading Options”
  • Patricia Brush: Student at Sheridan Mentoring ~ “Starting from knowing nothing to learning a craft”
  • Mark Fenton: Senior Mentor at Sheridan Mentoring ~ “How to trade All Put Flat Flys in different Market Environments?” Also “ Trading the right Plan in the right environment”
  • Brian Overby: Senior Options Analyst at Ally Invest ~ “Can Long Spreads Fly?”
  • Brett Medford: Student at Sheridan Mentoring ~ “Trading Crude Oil Options for Monthly Income”
  • William Clifford: Student at Sheridan Mentoring ~ “My Turbulent but profitable experience trading Options Full time in 2017-2018”
  • Tom Sosnoff: Of Tasty Trade ~ “Using Futures as a Hedge”

Friday June 1, 2018

  • Dan Sheridan: Founder Sheridan Mentoring ~  “Short Term versus Longer Duration trades over the last 12 months”
  • Jim Bittman: Retired Senior Instructor at the CBOE ~ “Butterfly Variations”
  • Tony Batista: Of Tasty Trade ~ “The Bat breaks down Market Myths” & “Selling premium the mechanics” 
  • Steve Basiago: Student at Sheridan Mentoring ~ “How I’m taking my trading to a new level”
  • Dino K.: Student at Sheridan Mentoring ~ “How I use technicals in my Income Trading”
  • Jeff Richardson: Student at Sheridan Mentoring ~ “Becoming a Complete Options Trader”