Learn from Expert Options Craftsmen about the trading strategies that they count on every day!

Dan Sheridan’s Chicago Annual Options Seminar ~ On-Demand


 What you get:

  • HD Recordings of each session, over 15 hrs of recordings!

  • Downloadable copies of presenters materials, over 250 pages of materials!

  • Email Questions directly to Dan Sheridan!

  • Access to all materials for at least 6 months!

 ~ Below is a breakdown of the content you will have access to ~

Thursday June 15th 2017


  • Dan Sheridan: “14 Strategies which is better?”
  • Lane Snell: “Working on the Craft”
  • Mark Fenton: “Trading/Hedging with The All Put Flat Butterfly”
  • Brian Overby: “The Greeks of Short Term vs. Long Term Trades.”
  • Dennis Wong: Trading Butterflies Technically
  • William Clifford: “Getting Started – My first year trading Options”
  • Tom Sosnoff: A fun discussion of challenges & opportunity for 2017.

Friday June 16th 2017  


  • Dan Sheridan: Part #2: “14 Strategies which is better?”
  • Jim Bittman: “Volatility Based Credit Spreads”
  • Grant Abrams: “Fire Drill Management”
  • Jay Bailey: “Adjustments”
  • Dino K: “Process Not Perfection: How I make Adjustments By The Greeks”
  • SPX Pit Broker: “SPX Execution”
  • Dan Sheridan: Part #3: (Follow-Up Webinar) “14 Strategies which is better?”