AAPL June Bullish Play


This is a Bullish play in AAPL for the June expiration. It is inspired by one of the Sheridan mentoring resident AAPL experts and my friend , Leo Andrade. With AAPL at around $518 , I am going to take a bit of a bullish bias as I look out to June. The strategy is a Bullish Butterfly: Buy 1 June 530 call , Sell 2 June 540 calls, Buy 1 June 550 call for a total debit around $70. The good the bad and the ugly: if the stock goes to 540 over next 30-66 days, great! If it goes to $540 over next week, we yell ” Where’s the beef”! In bullish Butterflies, we want the stock to go near the short strike, but closer to expiration , not right away.Total risk is $70 cost, just like a long option. Directional Butterflies are very forgiving. If we go outside profit area of 530 and 550 over next 30 days, the spread doesn’t go against us nearly as bad as if we go out side our profit area of 530 and 550 near expiration. This is a cheap speculative trade of $70. If I did it 3 times, 3-6-3, it would cost 3 times $70 or $210. My plan is to make 50-60% on the cost of the trade.

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