Class Details

Class Format

This class meets live twice a week for two weeks. 

Class starts Wed Jan 15th at 11am CT

This class consists of 4, 1 hour long sessions.

Class meets every Wed and Fri, normally at 1pm CT, for 2 weeks.

  • You are welcome to email questions directly to Dan or another mentor outside of the class time.
  • You will have full access to each recording for at least 6 months. Each session will be recorded and archived.
  • All fees for online classes are deductible towards our GOLD Mentoring Program ($1000 limit)

The Mango ~ An At The Money Broken Wing Butterfly!

This is one of the most successful strategies in the Sheridan Community.

In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages his Mango Trade.

See the Tentative agenda for this class below:

  • Free Webinar Wed Feb 8th at 1pm CT. 
  • 1st Class Wed. Feb 15th: with Dan (Only this first class will be at 11am CT.)
  • 2nd Class Fri. Feb 17th: with Dan
  • 3rd Class Wed. Feb 22nd: with Dan
  • 4th Class Fri. Feb 24th: with Jay Bailey

Detailed Class Content

Class#1 with Dan: The Mango

0- Introduction, Class Outline and structure.
10:25- Whiteboard Teaching on what is a Mango Butterfly and where a mango evolves from?
35:45- Mango Guidelines (Starting with a Balanced Butterfly)
40:15- Mango Guidelines (Mango or unbalanced Fly)
45:00- Mango Guidelines (Wider Mango)
46:00- Why do a Mango Butterfly?
49:50- Differences between Balanced and Unbalanced Butterflies?
50:25- Differences between ATM and OTM Butterfly Trades?
52:05- Basic Guidelines and Risk Management of an all Call Mango Trade?
69:40- Live Class Trade
82:32 – End

Class #2 with Dan: All Put Mango Example with Adjustments.

1:30- All Put Mango Butterfly with Adjustments
35:25- Review live trade from Wednesday (Previous Class)
38:45- Live Trade Today (Shorter Duration Mango) and Q and A
58:01- End

Class #3 with Mark Fenton: Asymmetrical Put Butterfly

0:00- Introduction to asymmetrical put butterfly
1:30- I Entry rules and set up
4:00- I Adjustment guidelines
8:30- I Slides with set up and adjustment points graphic detail
37:00- I Live set up on an SPX all put asymmetrical fly
52:00- I Q&A – End

Class #4 with Jay Bailey

00:00– Introduction to Mango Trade and History
07:15– Basic Principles of the Mango
10:40– Setup Guidelines
16:35– Live Setup Example
24:00– Adjustment Guidelines: Delta
38:00– Adjustment Guidelines: Break-Even
46:20– Exit & Extras
50:00– Questions & END