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Out of all the training programs that I have purchased to learn how to trade (about a dozen), I can say that Dan Sheridan’s mentoring has been the only program in which I got a great return on my investment. Dan Sheridan delivered more than I expected. Not only do you learn from a Master with over 20 years actual trading expertise, but you join a community of hundreds of active traders that support each other, and share their experiences of real trading in today’s fluid markets. This program is all that it is advertised to be, and much more! Thank you Dan.
Aaron – Boca Raton, FLView All Testimonials »
Dan teaches you how to trade; not just the mechanics of how options work. I can honestly say Sheridan Options Mentoring is the best value in option education today. I’ve learned more about how to successfully trade from Dan than I thought I would; I was surprised at what I didn’t know. Dan has a genuine desire for his students to be successful. I know from personal experience that Dan’s long term commitment to his students’ success is invaluable. Anytime I’ve called Dan for help he was there and more than willing to help. Even though I have never met Dan, I think of him as a friend, not just a mentor.
Bill – Greensboro, NCView All Testimonials »
Dan Sheridan’s mentoring program has completely revamped my approach to options trading. The knowledge that I have gained from Dan Sheridan, as well as all of the teachers at Sheridan Options Mentoring, is priceless and one of the best investments that I have ever made.
David – Coral Springs, FLView All Testimonials »
By far the best decision in my trading career. The personalized, 1-on-1 sessions are catered to ‘your’ trades, and the sessions are focused on ‘why’ to adjust at this point, and ‘why’ we diversify over time and vehicles; not just a canned, one size fits all trading plan, but a personalized coach to review your trades with and help you understand your areas for improvement.
Dennis – Driftwood, TXView All Testimonials »
I learned more about PROFITABLE option trading in the first three weeks of the program than I expected to learn in the first six months. Between Dan’s easy going live Web-ex’s, and his 22 years of experience on the floor of the CBOE, the knowledge he is imparting is priceless. This has got to be the best buy of my life.
Fred – Sanibel, FLView All Testimonials »
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